Playa Blanca, Panama - Rio Hato - Studio Apartment Available  $129,000

Playa Blanca, Panama – Rio Hato – Studio Apartment Available $129,000

Fully furnished studio apartment (kitchenette) in Playa Blanca’s Town Center for sale. Owner is selling at a price substantially below the developers’ prices. 1000 dollars/month rental income guaranteed for aproximately 18 months. Upon purchase of this unit, it goes into Playa Blanca’s rental pool. This means that when you are out of Panama, there are no headaches, and when you need a break on the beach, it is here waiting for you, spic and span.

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Full Description

Listing Info:

Price:  $129,000
Property Type:  Residential Condo
Home Style:  Studio Apartment
Bedrooms:  1
Status:  Active
Bathrooms:  1.0
Floor Area:  602.779 sq. ft.

Sea Club: One of the best features of Playa Blanca. This unit comes with a $9000 dollar membership to the Sea Club, which boasts one of the largest pools in the world. Enjoy water sports, swimming, kayaking, swimming lessons for the kids, and almost anything you can do on the ocean, without the waves or undertow. Enjoy the perks of membership with a free cocktail or local cerveza while lounging beside the turquoise water. For 240 dollar a year, you can take advantage of all of the all-inclusive benefits that the hotel guests enjoy in the playa Blanca Beach Resort as well.

17 Acre Pool: This 17 acre pool located at Playa Blanca Beach Resort; is the most emblematic building on Panama Pacific coast, with an extension of more than 500 meters in length, and 150 million liters of water. Apart from its large size, the lagoon has another spectacular feature: its waters have the transparency and intense turquoise color of tropical seas which makes it unique maintaining an average temperature of 29 degrees, 9 more than the oceans temperature.

Town Center: The Town Center at Playa Blanca Resort offers multiple restaurants, boutiques, cafes, mini markets, a pharmacy and a medical center, along with much more. The Resort will also feature a world class casino and convention center to make Playa Blanca a self-contained community. Our residents will find all their basic needs inside our development, due to the incorporation of the town center making of Playa Blanca a self contain community.

Hotel: Playa Blanca Beach Resort Imagine enjoying an unforgettable vacation in an all-inclusive resort in the hearth or HEART of the world, where all the beauty of the warm beaches in the pacific open up the doors to paradise. This gorgeous resort was inaugurated in 2003, offering 219 rooms with 3 wonderful suites to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

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