Purchase Your Listing Package

Purchasing your advertising package has never been safer and easier!

We have set up a secure payment system with PagueloFacil, providing a safe and reliable online payment system for your Listing(s).

Step 1  ***Please select the package from the list below and to pay, just click on the `Pague Aqui`image located under each listing package.***

Step 2  ***Then go to our Classified Ads Packages page and sign up for the listing package you have purchased.***

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Basic Listing Package
$6-30 day listing – 1 ad max – 8 photos


Basic Plus Listing Package
$9-30 day listing – 3 ads – 10 photos each


Premium Listing Package
$19 – 30 day listing – 3 ads, 3 categories allowed per ad – 20 photos per listing


29/30 Corporate Listing Package
$29 – Corporate 30 listings


49/80 Corporate Listing Package
$49 Corporate 80 listings


69/200 Corporate Listing Package
$69 Corporate 200 listings


89/400 Corporate Listing Package
89 Corporate 400 listings